Food Safety Policy

Our aim; To identify and eliminate all the risks associated with food safety, from soil and from our suppliers to consumers, in all our products;
To achieve ‘zero risk’ for food safety by eliminating all source of danger with participation of our employees; Preparing projects related to products and processes, taking into account the effects of food safety and preventing risks;
The measures to minimize the risk are planned and implemented immediately in the event of any food safety risk that may arise during the productions.
In this context, we, as the Starnut family, promise that our product will be produced in accordance with hygienic conditions, legal, customer terms, human health, educated and conscious employees in line with technological developments, food safety will be guaranteed and continuously improved.

Our Quality Policy

»By understanding the expectations of our consumers and keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level while fulfilling them,
Using all our resources in the most efficient way, working with continuous productivity increase awareness,
By constantly following financial indicators, we reach higher sales volumes while fulfilling our profit-oriented targets,
»To continue to protect our brand, which is identified with the words of Taste, Health and Trust, to work to spread our brand awareness even more,
»Continue to be the leader company of our sector with the pioneering steps that we continuously carry out within the scope of our operatives,
»Conducting conservation studies on nature in order to ensure the future of the agricultural products,
»To continue to fulfill our social responsibilities in order to secure the future of our country,
»To protect our superior quality, which is our most distinctive feature that distinguishes us from our competitors,