Characteristics of Antep Pistachio

The Antep Pistachio took it’s name from Gaziantep because the enterprise of peanut firstly established in the same province.
It prevents many problems like cancer, overweight and diabetes .
»Containing unsaturated fatty acids; Omega - 3 and Omega - 6.
» Rich in B3, B6, A, Pro vitamins and B12.
»Contains Vitamin E rich oil which have anti-aging effect.
»It is effective against scars and burn wounds.
» Has cholesterol lowering effect.
»Antep Peanut oil can be applied on the skin which reduces the wrinkles.

Eco-Friendly Food

Antep Pistachio Is Useful Against Diabetes: Effective on the fall of blood sugar level, antep pistachio is an effective nutrient against diabetes mellitus.
Antep Pistachio Is Effective on Anaemia: Consumption of antep pistachio by children and women alleviates Anemia because it is rich in iron.
Antep Pistachio is not weight gainig Food : Because of the high calorie proportion, most people do not prefer to eat Antep Fıstığı does not take weight unlike known. The abundance of fat in the body turns into energy, not kilo.
Cancer Prevents: By raising good-natured cholesterol, it lowers the malignant cholesterol. High in antioxidant content and resveratrol, it removes some cancer derivatives from your body.

Other Benefits of Antep Pistachio

»It is effective in reducing fatigue.
» Strengthens The mind and body .
»Boosts energy after 100 grams of consumption.
»Provides relief of pain in the kidneys.
» Good for heart diseases.
» Effective for regulation of intestinal activity.
»Softens the chest by alleviating the cough.
»It relieves the pain that occurs at the bile.
»Provides the pass the sand in the bladder and kidneys.
»Increasing the blood sugar.
»It is effective for sexual desires.
»Reduces inflammation in the lungs.
»It is effective to reduce cholesterol level in blood.
»It is rich in E, C and B vitamins.
»Rich with pulp comparing to potato, wheat and rice.